Boondocks Logowear • About Us

My name is Jay and I've lived in Vermont my entire life - in the Boondocks and couldn’t imagine being happier living anywhere else!  I too am a professional photographer. Being an avid outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman and true lover of nature led me to my creation of Boondocks Logowear a few years ago.

I currently reside in Northern Vermont with my beautiful wife Lisa. I have 2 sons Collin (VT) and Casey (CA) and a daughter Eliza (NY) who found me (in the Boondocks 😁) just 5 short months ago after being placed for adoption 38 years ago!!! (Truly a Hallmark worthy story 😊). This reunion has been amazing and what better way to bond and spend time together then work on this venture together as a family!  We believed in finding each other as we believe in Boondocks Logowear! Believing is succeeding!